Water Sport Bali Tanjung Benoa

There are 13 exciting activities of Water Sport Tanjung Benoa Bali Package, such as Banana Boat, Diving, Fly Board, Flying Fish, Jet Ski, Parasailing, Rolling Donut, Sea Walker, Snorkeling, Turtle Island + Glass Bottom Boat, Wake Board, and Water Ski. Bintang Beach Club Dive & Water Sport also supported by a clean environment, instructors who are ready to guide you before playing, even being the only watersport provider in Tanjung Benoa which has a swimming pool as basic training and an effort to increase the confidence of yourself before diving or snorkeling.

Flying Fish

Flying Fish at Tanjung Benoa is another flying activity provided by Water Sport Bali Tanjung Benoa Package. This game utilizes a rubber boat that resembles a fish shape and is pulled by a high-speed speedboat. Usually, Flying fish can fly 2 meters above the water surface, but it also depends on the wind speed.

When viewed from afar, it will look like a kite in the shape of a boat floating in the middle of the sea. This attraction can be played by 3-4 people and you can choose a position, sitting or sleeping on your back, which makes this activity very different and so much fun.

banana boat water sport bali package

Banana Boat

Banana Boat at Tanjung Benoa utilizes a boat that resembles a banana shape, which will be pulled easily by a speedboat because of its light weight. This game can be played by 3-6 people. Tourists who ride this vehicle need to wear a life jacket for safety and security.

Toyo Bali Rental will invite you to enjoy the beauty of the Tanjung Benoa waters where there are large ships via rubber boats that are ridden and ready to provide unforgettable fun.

Jetski water sport bali package tanjung benoa

Jet Ski

Jet Ski in Bintang Watersport is a watersport that utilizes a motorized boat-like vehicle. This sport can be said to be extreme, because it relies on speed, balance, and adrenaline. Although just sitting riding a jetski, there are many benefits to playing this sport. One of them strengthens the muscles of the body. Muscle coordination is needed to move and hold a Jet Ski engine while playing on choppy water. The muscles of the body that work include the legs, arms, and abdomen.

Therefore, watersport providers usually accompany tourists who are beginners in driving on a predetermined route.Toyo Bali rental, offers you a fun Jet Ski experience in Bali.

Parasailing Adventure water sport bali package tanjung benoa

Parasailing Adventure

Parasailing at Tanjung Benoa is a fun activity, because you will be floating in the air and can see the beauty from above. This activity utilizes a harnace that is connected to a speedboat that travels at high speed, so that you float at an altitude of 70-100 meters above the water’s surface.

Anyone can play this activity, even children who don’t have enough control. Because, they will be accompanied by an instructor, so that your child who seems impossible to play, will be able to have a fun experience. Because the view of the sea from above, is much more beautiful than imagined.

water sport bali package tanjung benoa

Flying Board

Fly Board at Tanjung Benoa is a water sport that requires a high level of balance, with a tubin shape that resembles a jet ski board and is connected to an 18 meter long pipe. The function of the pipe here is to channel high pressure water, so that it can lift the tubin up with the help of a nozzle under the foot. Fly Boards are usually able to reach a height of 10 meters above the water level.

When playing, you will be accompanied by instructors who are ready to guide you to do some fun moves, from basics to attractive moves like a pro, plus documentation that witnesses an unforgettable experience.

water sport bali package tanjung benoa

Rolling Donut

Rolling Donut at Tanjung Benoa is another rubber boat game in the form of a donut with a capacity of 3-4 people, depending on the size.

This boat will be pulled by a high-speed speedboat which is 5 meters in front of the boat. Through this game, Toyo Bali Rental wants to invite you to surround the beauty of the sea with the sensation of speed which usually turns sharply or moves in a zigzag way. At a moment like this, letting go of all expressions will result in unparalleled excitement.at 

Turtle Island water sport bali package tanjung benoa

Turtle Island (Glass Bottom Boat)

Turtle Island is a turtle breeding place in Tanjung Benoa. Apart from being an effort to protect turtles, this place is also used as a tourist attraction that can be visited. Tourists will take tours along the captivity to see birds, pythons, especially green turtles, along with other animals.

If we want to go to Turtle Island, we will use a boat that has a capacity of 5–10 people with see-through glass at the bottom of the boat, which allows you to see the beauty of marine life from the boat, and accompanied by a guide who makes You enjoy a memorable experience.

snorkeling water sport bali package tanjung benoa


Snorkeling at Tanjung Benoa is a diving activity at a depth of 2-5 meters that uses a snorkel (J-shaped breathing apparatus), frog legs, and scuba masks to see the beauty of marine life. This activity can be done by anyone, but is usually dominated by beginners.

To be better prepared, Toyo Bali Rental prepares you a swimming pool to do a simulation.and increase your confidence, which of course is guided gradually by the instructor, before and during the diving activity.

letting go of all expressions will result in unparalleled excitement.at 

water sport bali package tanjung benoa

Sea Walker

Sea Walker at Tanjung Benoa is an activity that is on the seabed using a waterproof helmet to enjoy the underwater beauty that contains ornamental fish and beautiful coral reefs. This activity can be done by all ages, even children (starting from the age of 7 years) who do not have swimming or diving skills.

Toyo Bali Rental offers an extraordinary experience in this activity. Selection of clean and rich dive sites with beautiful underwater views, will be shown to you, and supported by complete facilities and experienced instructors will guide your diving activities so fun!

wake board water sport bali package tanjung benoa

Wake Board

Wake Board at Water Sport Bali Tanjung Benoa Package, is a game on the water using a board (board) pulled by a speedboat. This game is indeed similar to Water Skiing, but the board used is wider (like a skateboard). The boat will tow wakeboarders at a speed of approx. 25 km. Wake Board activities do not always use speedboats, sometimes pulling Wake Boards can also use a cable system.

Wake Board itself is a sport that combines the techniques and concepts of Skate Board, Snow Board, and Surfing which ultimately provides an opportunity to enjoy the sensation of speed and conquer the waves. Although similar to Water Skiing, Wake Board certainly has differences. The Water Ski uses 2 boards while the Wake Board uses 1 board that has a sticky hook to attach to the Wake Board.

You can enjoy the excitement of playing Wake Board at Tanjung Benoa, only with Toyo Bali Rental.

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