Horseback Ridding Bali

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Horseback Ridding Bali – Toyo Bali Rental is always loyal to accompany your vacation in Bali, why not have a vacation while having an adventure? we can provide all of that at the best price.

Horseback Ridding Bali is an extraordinary experience that you need to try in the area of ubud. opportunity to explore the countryside and green scenery by sitting on the back of a horse. This is a fun adventure with experience horse guides.

feel the sensation of ridding in the open through residential villages, fields and plantations. you can also see the activities of local people who will be there with your horse for an hour or more.
depends on the package you will take.

is there the best time to do horseback ridding bali adventure?

morning and evening is the right time to ride, because the weather is not so hot and the horse is not too tired. so we recommended in the morning and evening.
sit on your horse’s back comfortably and don’t have to worry, because our horses are well trained. and also your ridding activities will always be accompanied by experienced staff.

what needs to be prepare before horseback ridding bali adventure?
Because the wheather is a little hot, we recommend earing a hat and using sunscreen. Sunscreen is needed if your skin is sensitive snd you are afraid of sunburn.
How do you get competitive prices? because horse maintenance is very expensive, the price for horseback ridding relatively high.

Toyo Bali Rental also provide activity packages by combining Bali quad bike and horseback ridding. maybe it could be a solution for you if you are interested in the ATV Quad Bike Adventure.
of course, the price is relatively cheaper if you take two activities.

7 Horseback Riding Centres in Bali

Horseback riding in Bali is a fun and exciting way to enjoy the island’s outback – from paddy trails to quiet stretches of sandy coastlines. There are notable stables near secluded beaches where horse-riding is most popular, including the black sand coasts of Berawa in Canggu. Further up north towards Pererenan Beach and Tanah Lot, you’ll find a unique combination of rice fields and coastal views.

Popular horseback trails line the island’s east, central and northern areas, where beginners are welcome to join scenic tours lasting up to 2 hours. You can ride local breeds of Bali pony or Sumba sandalwood crossbreeds and enjoy a sunset beach ride, which can be a highlight of your trip. Retreats up north offer horse-riding activities through mangroves and unspoiled wilderness. Here’s where to experience horseback riding in Bali for your next equestrian joyride.

1. Bali Equestrian Centre

Bali Equestrian Centre

Bali Equestrian Centre is a 2.5-hectare facility in Canggu that’s manned by certified international instructors. The stables are home to over 30 trained horses of local and imported breeds. The centre often attracts families with leisurely pony rides and day camps for kids.

If you’ve never ridden a horse before, Bali Equestrian Centre offers lessons for both adults and kids. Breakfast and lunch are served at the centre’s onsite restaurant. You’ll also find a swimming pool and playground that overlook the main riding arena.

2. Bali Island Horse

Bali Island Horse

Bali Island Horse on Yeh Gangga Beach in Tabanan, West Bali, offers horseback riding tours to villages, local temples, rice fields and rivers, as well as a stopover at a bat cave. Located at the far northern end of the Canggu area, the stable works with one of Australia’s leading equine nutritionists and feeds its horses with all-natural food.

The basic horseback riding tours take around 2 hours – book an evening tour so that you ride down the beach for impressive sunset views. Bali Island Horse also offers a full-day excursion, which includes a 2-hour horseback tour of Canggu, lunch at Tabanan Monkey Forest, a 2-hour ATV ride, and sunset viewing at Tanah Lot, Bali’s iconic sea temple.

3. Kuda P Stables

Kuda P Stables

Kuda P Stables is an equestrian centre in Tabanan, West Bali, that has over 50 years of experience with horses in England, Australia and Indonesia. This Aussie-owned company has many well-trained and groomed horses that can take you for a leisurely ride through rice fields, local villages, and along Pererenan Beach.

Kuda P Stables also offers therapeutic rides for the disabled. Kids below 6 years old can try out their pony rides, which takes about 30 minutes.

4. Bali Horse Riding

Bali Horse Riding

Bali Horse Riding has more than 20 horses, many of which are bred at their stables. A tour typically starts with a comprehensive safety briefing from professional guides, followed with a tour of Saba Bay on Bali’s east coast.

Trot through the grassy countryside toward the volcanic sand coast and splash through the waves, with the outlines of Nusa Penida Island and Mount Agung in the background.

Bali Horse Riding is part of True Bali Experience, an eco-tourism company that offers adventure tours like white water rafting, mountain cycling, and jungle trekking.

5. Ubud Horse Stables

Ubud Horse Stables

Ubud Horse Stables is an equestrian centre in the traditional village of Desa Pupuan, about 16 km north of central Ubud. Beginners can enjoy horseback riding tours of the highlands, forests and rivers, as well as the rice paddies of Tegallalang.

Advanced riders can opt for the 2.5-hour-long tour that includes a visit to rice fields, a coffee plantation, and a trek down to a secret waterfall. Ubud Horse Stables also offers riding lessons and pony rides for children.g.

6. Ubud Horse Riding

Ubud Horse Riding

Ubud Horse Riding takes you on an adventurous journey through rice terraces and rainforests of the Bukian farming village in Payangan, on the northern outskirts of Ubud.

During your ride, you’ll witness traditional Balinese life at its best, with sightings of tropical birds and wildlife along the nature trails. One and 2-hour riding activities are available for both beginners and advanced riders.

7. The Menjangan Bali Resort

The Menjangan Bali Resort

The Menjangan Bali Resort offers a wide range of land and water activities in West Bali National Park. On horseback, you can enjoy a bit of both, riding past a mangrove forest with views over the calm waters and Menjangan Island on the horizon.

Its stables are home to quality Australian horses, while experienced guides can tailor each trek to suit your riding ability. The best time to enjoy horseback riding tours is early morning or late afternoon.

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